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Josh F
Strongly Recommend Core health is responsible for providing permanent solutions to improving both my mental and physical health. I would strongly recommend a consultation for anyone looking to live a healthier and happier life.
Brett N
Pain Relief I used the Pulsed Magnetic Therapy to relieve some pain in my hip. After 3 visits, I was able to walk normally without pain. I would recommend Core Health to anyone needing pain relief.
Tricia Z
Never Felt Better! Wow, what a life changer. I have never felt better in my life. I have increased energy, in the best shape of my life and better skin than I have ever had. These easy secrets that Dr. Gerlach has shared has made a dramatic change on my life. I am a busy career mom and now feel like I can balance and have it all. Thank you Dr. Seth for making my dreams come true. I now have the energy to do it all.
Ginny M
Goodbye Advil I have been so impressed and delighted with the Pulse Magnetic Treatment that Dr. Gerlach offers. I has a torn meniscus in my left knee from 2 years ago and have been suffering from low grade to fairly intense pain since. I am very active and the pain has limited my ability to be as active as I'm used to. With the very first treatment I could literally feel the pain leave my knee as I sat there. I've received it about once a month since and that has been enough to keep the pain away. Good bye advil. Thanks Dr. Gerlach.
April A
Amazing! Dr Gerlach is amazing! He listens to all of my concerns and is very thorough with his treatment plan. I can't say enough about Dr Gerlach and his staff. Very honest and caring! I highly recommend Core Health!
Kelly S
Feeling Great Thanks to Dr. Gerlach and Core Health, I’m living a healthier life and feeling great. Dr. Gerlach listens to my questions and concerns and is very responsive outside of my regular scheduled visits.
Kelly K
Energized, Alert, Healthier From the moment I walked in, I knew Dr. Gerlach was genuinely interested in finding the core issues with my health problems and helping me go through a program that was specific for my health issues. It's been 6 months and I feel more energized, more alert and definitely healthier. Dr. Gerlach taught me how to take care of my body so it can take care of me!!
Tarrah K
Better 6 weeks in! Dr. Gerlach and Krista far exceeded my expectations of my first experience with functional medicine. I have been having issues such as migraines, IBS, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and etc., since I was a teenager. I am now 40 years old. The 20 years of conventional medicine only treated my symptoms, and not the underlying causes. So, after these 20 years spiraled into extreme flare-ups, after only 2 months of seeing Dr. Gerlach and addressing the underlying causes, I have hope again. I had lost hope in having any quality of life, and I was barely 40 years old. The hope, besides the support, supplements, and care plan has made such an impact on my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With these improvements, my physical symptoms began to lessen after about 6 weeks. I may have a while, still, before my immune and gut systems are back on track, but I am already enjoying and looking forward to life again. Thank you so much to Dr. Seth and Krista.
Amanda B
Rid of All My Symptoms! Dr. Seth helped me find the root cause of my thyroid disease, and helped me take charge of my own health. I was then able to get rid of all my symptoms in six months. I am so grateful for him, and for helping me get my health back on track!
Alayna B
Complete 180  I had gone to traditional medicine doctors, they couldn’t figure out what was going on. With Core Health it has been a complete 180! I’m a different, better person. No more trouble with pain, nausea, headaches, or sleep!
Patty S
Dr Seth has given me hope and joy

I had lots of pain, reflux, and very low energy. Now, I no longer use heartburn medication. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, I can have a long, active day, and I sleep better at night. Dr. Seth is so encouraging, he has given me hope and joy, he treats me as whole person and not my symptoms. I recommend Core Health to everyone!

Katie M
Digestion and Hormones back on track Love Dr. Seth!
I was having severe stomach and gut issues. As well as some hormonal issues. With Dr. Seths help I was able to get my body back on track and I feel so much better. My energy levels are back up and I no longer have digestion issues. He was amazing to work with and his communication was on point, he was always available for any questions that I had.
Would recommend to anyone!
Jennifer M
Figuring out my Autoimmune condition For about 10 years I struggled to figure out the cause of my auto immune issues. Traditional medicine was only offering medications that made me feel worse , and had side affects. Core Health was able to give me answers and provide the missing puzzle pieces I needed to get and feel better. Thank you Dr. Seth!!
Morgan A
Changed my life Dr. Gerlach has changed my life. I came to him with extreme fatigue, hair loss and all sorts of symptoms after having kids. He was the only doctor that listened to my history, symptoms and outlined a nutrition and wellness plan that worked. He is very thorough and is responsive outside of working hours. I have energy, great moods and am in great shape now. I can't thank him enough, as my family knows they have their happy and healthy mom back. If you want to change your life, make an appointment. I am so glad I did.
Rita S
Help with skin and gut problems For years I suffered with very itchy burning skin lesions, nausea, mouth sores, face sores, gut problems and other symptoms. While trying to find answers to my health issues I was passed around from doctor to doctor for each ailment and given prescriptions to cover up all the symptoms. I started seeing Dr. Seth and I am finally getting the help I need to get to the root of my health issues. He asked a lot of questions and does testing to find the problems. A really cool see him in person the first time and after that you have appointments by phone. No driving and you can have your appointment in the comfort of your own home. He’s friendly, he listens and he takes notes. He sends the notes back  to you (always accurate, I might add) along with the dosages and recommendations for natural medicines.  He can guide you to other therapies as well. After 10 months of seeing Dr. Seth I am feeling so much better! If you are looking to regain your health I highly recommend Dr. Seth!